National Dysphagia Diet: A standard for Optimal Care was published in 2002. The founder of Dysphagia-Diet, Don Tymchuck, served as the scientific expert for this publication. The NDD was adopted by many healthcare facilities across the US. For the past few years an International board of swallowing specialists has been hard at work creating and finalizing the International Dysphagia Diet Standarisation Initiative (IDDSI) Framework which utilized Don’s contributions as part of its resource base. The IDDSI Framework will be translated into a number of languages as part of worldwide implementation. This initiative has been adopted as a standardization by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics this past October and won an award from the American Speech, Language & Hearing Association.

We are currently working to incorporate these standards into our catalog and information. The official launch is expected to be in 2018, however we are anticipating having a full switch over by November 2017.

You can review this initiative by clicking on this link.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!





One thought on “Exciting News Happening in the Dysphagia World

  1. The International Dysphasia Standardization Initiative (IDDSI), formed in 2013 to help set a new global standard in practice and terminology in all care settings and in all cultures. Texture modified foods and thickened liquids are all classified into one of eight levels, with specific qualitative and/or quantitative measurements. The specific number guide, terminology and color system initiated by IDDSI is being accepted and adopted worldwide. 128 countries are engaged and the standards have been translated into 51 languages – helping bring consistency to those on a pureed food diet.


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